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My Introduction

Who am I exactly? To the outside world, I’m a wife and mother. I’m also a newly certified dental assistant, a published author, an amateur photographer, and a proud comic book nerd. (Yet others could say I’m an occasional basket case, or simply a brooding black female with a permanent resting bitch face.)

But the truth is, it’s hard to pinpoint a true description of the real me. And yet one thing is for sure. I’m flawed and complex, and I’m aware that I’m a product of trauma, heartache, and emotional abuse. But instead of being a victim, I decided to take control of my narrative by using the hurt of my past as inspiration for a brighter future. 

Now before we go any further, I realize I’m not qualified to offer advice to anyone by any means! But I believe that by being transparent with my past experiences, I can inspire others to embrace their flaws in some way. And maybe by seeing that others have gone through similar experiences, it can provide comfort or a ray of hope.

So please be open-minded and kindhearted, and remember this site to be a judgement-free zone!!

-Yours Truly,

Daisy Kane


DAISY KANE is a southern belle, a devoted wife, a proud mother, and a published author. She is obsessed with true crime TV shows, classic cinema, and comic books.

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